Conference Offers Classes to Support Disabled People at Churches and Families

Gisele Darden, of Doing It Their Way Prepares for the 1st Annual Northern California Disability Ministry Confer¬ence (NorCal DMC).

A Northern CA Disability Ministry Conference (NorCal DMC) to support people with disabilities at churches will take place Sept. 28 at Abun­dant Life Christian Fellow­ship. 2440 Leghorn St. in Mountain View, CA.

In partnership with the Dis­ability Ministry Conference of Southern CA, the NorCal DMC will feature keynote speaker Diane Dokko Kim, a local special needs mom, dis­ability ministry advocate and nationally renowned author.

Workshops will include Autism and Sensory, Under­standing Behavior, Supporting Families, Curriculum Activi­ties, among others.

Organizer and consultant Gisele Darden of Doing It Their Way says many churches are unequipped for guests with special needs and disabilities.

“The conference is designed to offer tools for new parents, parachurch ministries, for churches just considering first steps of disability ministry, those in early stages and estab­lished ministries looking for further training,” said Darden.

“Mobility issues or staff unequipped to assist those with disabilities prevent people with disabilities from coming to church or actively participating within their ca­pacity.

“There are many people who want to attend church but just don’t come because their disability makes it difficult to either get to church or they are limited once they do arrive. The workshops will also be applicable to supporting chil­dren, teens and adults.”

In the spirit of Bible scrip­ture Luke 12:13-23, Darden says the event will help at­tendees advance the quality of their disability ministry by creating inclusive faith com­munities at local churches through coaching, training, encouragement and collabo­rating.

By equipping local church­es with training, practical tools and coaching along with supporting families with en­couragement through Chris­tian community, Darden says people with disabilities can be viable participants in congre­gations.

“We invite you to join us in prayer and partnership, as we strive to build a connect­ed and thriving community of disability ministry teams, churches and families.

For more information visit: Disability Ministry Conference or email [email protected] or (408) 359-7331


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