Oakland Healer Provides Inspiration in Essays on African Spirituality

James Weeks also writes for Parenting magazine and S.F. Weekly.

Tens of thousands of spiritual speakers around the world have been touched by James Weeks’ online essays and affirmations.

Now in book form for the first time, a rich collection of Weeks’ insights and inspirations has been gathered in a powerful, 140-page volume called “Meditations Across The King’s River.” Weeks wrote his stories and life lessons during his travels throughout the Caribbean and West Africa as a priest of Ifa, an ancient spiritual tradition that originated with the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Here, readers will find hope, encouragement, and wisdom to sustain them on their soul’s journey.

Weeks produced “Across The King’s River,” an upcoming documentary feature film, which follows his journey as a healer. He said his own spiritual awakening happened in 2002 while seeking help for his oldest son, who at the time, was caught up in the gang culture of deep East Oakland.  

He ended up traveling to Nigeria with his son in 2003 with two objectives in mind. First, to undergo spiritual initiation as a healer. Then, to get spiritual help for his son who elders in the sacred city of Ile Ife were able to heal.

These days, his son is a successful businessman and a dedicated father of four. Meanwhile, Weeks, over the years, has developed an international following of fans who are energized by his daily spiritual teachings on social media.

“With this book and with his social posts, James provides seekers with salve for their bruised humanity. With the skill of a true shaman, James blends the ancient with the current, the archetypal with the postmodern,” said writer Monique Clendinen, in the foreword to “Meditations Across The King’s River.”

In addition to being an author, Weeks is also an award-winning photographer and journalist who has been published in Parenting magazine and S.F. Weekly newspaper. He is a native of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and currently lives in Oakland with his wife and youngest son. Visit his website by clicking here.



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