Oakland Child Lead Exposure Worse Than Flint, Michigan, Study Finds


Children in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland have been reported to be at higher risk of lead exposure than the children who were drinking the contaminated water in Flint, Michigan.

The Reuters report found that 7.57 percent of children out of 500 children tested who live within the Fruitvale zip code 94601 had elevated levels of lead in their blood.

Yet many people don’t even know about the lead problem in Oakland or how many of Oakland’s children are in danger of being poisoned.

The Law Offices of Michael C. Cohen is working to change that. They have been litigating against property owners who fail to remove lead from their rental properties. Michael C. Cohen, Esq.  and Laura E. Seidl, Esq. have already recovered millions of dollars on behalf of two families in Oakland.

When questioned about the effects of litigation, Seidl said, “By suing, families have recovered significant sums. We seek to protect as many children as possible and believe litigation is a meaningful tool to help make Oakland lead-safe.”

Lead is particularly dangerous for children, as it negatively impacts their development. Common side effects of exposure to lead during childhood include learning disabilities and related problems. Some researchers believe lead exposure can even cause autism. Babies, toddlers and very young children are also more likely to be exposed to lead because they crawl around on the floor, play in the dirt, and put their hands in their mouths.

Any house built before 1978 that has peeling or chipping paintcould be dangerous. Not only can paint chips be ingested, the paint breaks down into tiny dust particles that can be inhaled. Lead in the soil is frequently caused by exterior paint chips that fall into the soil and are spread by rainwater.

The Law Offices of Michael C. Cohen has relationships with lead eradication specialists that know how to accurately test for lead and, if necessary, take the proper steps to make the property lead-safe. Cohen’s office also encourages parents to have their children’s blood tested by a doctor to determine the exact level of lead poisoning.

Cohen stressed, “Discovering if your children have lead in theirbodies is critical because early detection can help save children from life-long problems.”




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