Interested in Attending a UC or CSU? Begin your Education at College of Alameda First


By Tim Karas, College of Alameda President

Beginning your education at a community college and then transferring to the University of California (UC) System or California State University (CSU) is a common strategy for students interested in earning a Bachelor’s degree.  In fact, an increasing number of students -from teens to adult learners and career changers- are considering the community college transfer route, a core mission of the California Community College system.  Your local community college, College of Alameda, provides many transfer options, including a vast array of student support services to assist you.

College of Alameda (CoA) offers quality education and smaller classes to afford all students individual attention and assistance.  The average community college class size is 35 students. In contrast, a first-year lecture class at a university usually enrolls 100 or more students.

By attending the College of Alameda, you can also save money. A year’s tuition (full-time) at UC is $12,630, while tuition at CSU is approximately $5,472. The same course of study at College of Alameda (full-time student) is only $1,380.   Additionally, College of Alameda offers many financial aid opportunities.

Another reason for beginning your education at a community college is that your chances of being accepted to a UC or CSU significantly increase:
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College of Alameda provides a streamlined way to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Joint transfer degree programs between College of Alameda and California State Universities guarantee the opportunity to earn both an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree with only a 120-unit program of study.  Or another option might be that after completing the first two years (60 semester units) at College of Alameda, a transfer student will enter the CSU system with Junior standing and will need to earn only 60 more semester units to complete a Bachelor’s degree.

College of Alameda offers nine transfer degree programs in Art History, Business Administration, Communications, English, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

The University of California System has created new pathways for transfer students entering from California community colleges. This initiative offers community college students a roadmap for transfer to UC, as well as for completion of their Bachelor’s degree. The pathways currently cover 10 of UC’s most popular majors: anthropology, biochemistry, biology, cell biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics, molecular biology, physics and sociology. Thirty percent of entering UC undergraduates are transfer students, and 90 percent of them come from a California Community College.

Want to learn more?  You are always welcome to stop by the College of Alameda conveniently located at the corner of Webster and Appezzato in Alameda.  COA has lots of parking and many AC Transit line connections. Or visit us online at


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