Third Times A Charm, 49ers Introduce Lynch and Shanahan


Santa Clara, CA – The one good thing about failing, is that you can always start over and that’s just what the 49ers did today when they introduced their new General Manager, John Lynch and head coach, Kyle Shanahan.


For the last two years, Levi’s Stadium failed to pack the house for games, but the teams auditorium was standing room only today when Owner Jed York introduced both Lynch and Shanahan before their scheduled press conference.


“It’s my pleasure to introduce two great gentlemen that are going to help bring us back to where we belong,” said York.


We started this process shortly after the season was over and we wanted to make sure that we took our time, to find the best combination of people for a head coach and a general manager that can work together and bring this organization back to the pinnacle.”


It’s not like we haven’t heard this before except these two men have something in common,  experience and success that you can’t ignore. Lynch a former player who made some great connections along the way as an NFL analyst is said to have the ability to pull a dream team together.


Shanahan probably the youngest head coach, with no prior experience did a remarkable job with the Atalanta Falcons offense this season until the second half of the Super Bowl.   The New England Patriots comeback from being 25 points to win the game left many speechless. Shanahan was cited saying “I blew it” after the game.


“I don’t know if I used those exact words, but that sounds about how I talk,” he said.  “I did believe we had a very good chance to win that game, especially at the end and we didn’t get it done. When you use the words ‘I blew it,’ I don’t look at it that way, I believe we missed an opportunity and we didn’t get it done. I’ll go back through every play for the rest of my life.”


Despite the amazing effort against a stout team, Shanahan will not hire an Offensive Coordinator and will call all the plays as head coach. But the issues at hand still remain for the 49ers, the quarterback situation and turning this franchise back into a winning organizations. Lynch guaranteed that this new season will be one to remember.


“I can promise you this; we’re going to have players that will compete, that will compete every day, that will compete to be the best that they can be,” Lynch said.


What does that mean? Especially for the current players who were in attendance who have committed and competed for the last four years under four different head coaches. Lacking experience in both positions how do Lynch and Shanahan convince these guys to buy in to what their selling?


“After figuring out this coaching staff, I’m going to sit and watch a lot of tape and study our own roster, Shanahan explained. “You’ve got to do that before you look at anything because I have no opinion on free agency until I know what’s here and it starts with what’s here.”


“I think the important thing for Kyle and I to do first and foremost is to be very clear with the vision we have for this place, what it’s going to take to be successful. And then I think once you set a vision, you’ve got to also let them know that we’re not going to have a lot of rules but the rules we have, we’re going to adhere to,” said Lynch.


With rumors swirling that Colin Kaepernick will opt out of his contract Lynch said that Kaepernick did reach out and both he and Shanahan will meet with him soon. In the meantime both Lynch and Shanahan will have to do their research and bring themselves up-to-date on the last few seasons.


“Just hearing those guys talk, them understanding there can’t be any egos here. Guys have to be open to realizing what we have,” NaVorro Bowman said. “If anyone has insight, let’s listen to it and see if it’s the right choice.


“We have one goal in mind: to get back to the winning ways and not have to hire a fifth (coach).”


Bowman a linebacker that has been with the 49ers since 2010 tore his achilles tendon on October 2, 2016 after falling down while grabbing the back of his foot against the Dallas Cowboys. He missed the rest of the season and knows the culture of the team better than anybody. On his recovery from his Achilles’ tear.


“I’m working. Doing everything the trainers ask me to do,” he said. “No timetable set on when I’ll be clear to do every single thing. The key is improving every single day and giving me confidence I’ll be back.”


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