SCHOOL BUZZ: Always Give Back


There is nothing that has more impact than giving back to the community that you have come from. Whether you are an athlete or an entertainer, you can always find ways to give back – to your fans and the community.



Individuals who give back to the youth and the adults make all of us stronger because together, we can stand up against the negativity.


We can spread these positive messages on school campuses and in communities. We can encourage our peers to join the positive movement. Our generation –empowered by music, fitness and community service – can change the future.


An entertainer named Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, also known as rapper Big Sean, is successful and continuously gives back. “Seeing how you can help people by being around and inspiring, I wanna do that,” he says. This is what we all need to believe in. “I’m actively looking for artists and people I believe in and giving them opportunity.”


When Big Sean went back to his hometown for Thanksgiving, he gave out turkeys and canned goods to over 1,000 families for the holiday meal. That was only the beginning of all that he has done.


Big Sean has also performed at many high schools. He tells the young people to stay in school in order to make the world a better place.


These are the things that we must instill in others – the importance of giving back and following their dreams. As Big Sean says, “I got love for y’all. I care for y’all.”


“I’ve played the big guy and the little guy before, and I put my ego aside,” he says. “I believe in karma, in giving and never being stingy. I believe in spreading love and being positive.”


“You can’t be afraid because when you’re afraid, you don’t give it your all,” he says.


When I see and hear stories like this, they motivate me. I want to do the same.


I want to help. I want to give back. I want to show the opportunities that we are all given and how we all can take advantage of them.


It is not just the journey that you take, it is the destination you are hoping to reach.


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