Richmond Minimum Wage Goes Up on Jan. 1


The City of Richmond’s Minimum Wage Ordinance goes into effect Jan. 1.

The minimum wage in Richmond will be $9.60 an hour, compared to $9 an hour for the state of California, and applies to any employee who works two or more hours a week.

The Richmond Employment & Training Department staff has sent out information packets to over 3,000 businesses, distributed information through the city’s website, and reached out to Richmond Chamber of Commerce members to inform them of the Minimum Wage Ordinance.

The information packet includes English and Spanish versions of the official notice that must be posted in all workplaces along with a list of employer and employee rights under the Ordinance. Employers who pay for less than 800 hours of employee labor in a given 2-week period, need not pay the City’s minimum wage until they pay over 800 hours or more of employee labor in a two-week period.

Though the City did not include a minimum wage increase question on the November ballot, the City Council has approved to increase the local minimum wage to $12.32 by 2017.

For questions and additional information, please visit the website at, or contact Employment Program Specialist Gina Baker at (510) 307-8011 or at [email protected]


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