Strikeout Hunger With High School Pitcher Rachel Sanders

Rachel Sanders

Softball pitcher Rachel Sanders, a junior at Holy Names High School, is taking her game to another level. Inspired by the Bay Area Rescue Mission, a nonprofit providing services and shelter for the homeless in Richmond, Sanders started Strikeout Hunger, a drive to raise funds for feeding the hungry. In participating in community service through her school, Sanders witnessed many teenagers who were homeless and hungry living in shelters and decided to do something to help. “I have seen many disturbing things, but nothing more troubling than knowing kids my age are alone on the streets and without a home or regular meals,” Sanders wrote on her blog of the hunger drive. She is asking individuals and corporations to donate money to this cause based on her total number of strikeouts this softball season, which ends June 1. With a target goal of $5000, she hopes to serve over 2400 meals to homeless youth through the Bay Area Rescue Mission. Donations are tax-deductible and will be given to the organization, which provides food, shelter, and skills training to homeless youth in the Bay Area. To make donations, visit
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