Parents, Students Thank Guice Christian Academy’s Grandparents Club for Tuition Grants, Support

Clifton Jackson

Malique Thompson

Imanii White-Christian

Nailah Wallace

The Grandparents Club of the Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy received many expressions of thanks, gratitude and appreciation from the students and their families for their annual fundraising efforts to provide grants to assist students and families who want to receive an accredited first-class Christian-oriented education. The Grandparents Club pays one half of the tuition costs through their Adopt-A-Child program. The club carefully selects students and assesses their family’s needs.  The Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy is a private school and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and offers a stellar academic and Christian education in a state-of-the-art facility. If you would like to adopt a child, or donate to the Adopt-A-Child program, please contact the Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy at (510) 729-0330 or visit their website at Parents and Student Scholarship Recipients’ Statements of Thanks Parent:    Angela Pryor Student:  Clifton Jackson Angela Pryor Statement: My son was having a difficult time in the public school.  One of my sisters at the church recommended the Guice Academy.  At that time, I really couldn’t afford it, but she told me about the Grandparents Club and how Ms. Della Wilson, Administrative Assistant, would work to get me financial assistance. So I did and this was the best decision I could have made.  With help from the Grandparents Club, I am able to have my child in a dynamic school. The classes are small which really helps my son.  The teachers are awesome. Where else can you send your child to get a top notch education and be taught the Word of God and learn to be respectful in order to become a respectable adult? Clifton Jackson : At first I didn’t want to go to Guice Academy because I liked the bigger school, but now I love it.  I have met a lot of good friends.  It’s a different experience than my other school. Parent: Ms. G. Campbell Student:  Nailah Wallace Ms. G. Campbell  Statement: Sometimes we run into hardships and the Grandparents Club is very understanding of that.  The Grandparents Club has helped my child by helping her get a quality education in a structured and Christian environment.  We are very thankful that this program helps us in a time of need.  Thank you Nailah Wallace: Thanks very much!  Thank you for your help and for everything you have done. Parent:  Sherice Thompson Student:  Marquell Vaughn Sherice Thompson Statement: The Grandparents Club has been a great help to me and my family.  Without the Grandparents Club, my child would not be able to attend the Academy. This experience for him has been life changing.  He was a child hidden behind an inner shield.  With the programs there, he is able to perform better.  He is becoming more comfortable in front of crowds.  I want to thank the Grandparents Club and the Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy for the opportunity of a highe learning experience. Marquell Vaughn: It makes me feel great to be able to go to this school. Parent:  Sherice Thompson Student:  Malique Thompson Sherice Thompson  Statement: This program has been a great help to me and my family.  Without the Grandparents Club, my child wouldn’t be able to attend the Academy.  This experience for him is life changing.  He is now such a great public speaker and feels more comfortable in front of crowds than ever before.  I thank the Grandparents Club and the Academy for the opportunity for Malique to receive his education at  Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy. Malique Thompson: Your help allows me to get a valuable education.  It’s a blessing to have the Grandparents Club. Parent:  Shannon White Student: Imanii White-Christian Shannon White  Statement: The Grandparents Club has helped my family by paying half of my daughter’s tuition for the past 3 years.  Without this assistance it would be impossible for my child to attend Guice Christian Academy. They are very well organized and try to give everyone a chance at receiving help within their program.  They are also concerned in making sure that the children have a secure future.  They are very hands-on in keeping track of the grades and progress of the students. The Grandparents Club is a very good program and I am very happy that my child is able to receive the benefit of attending the Academy. Imanii White-Christian: I’m happy to be here.  The education that I’m getting is helping me learn.  I’m learning about different things.  The help allows me to be at a good school.  I’ve been able to make friends. I’m able to grow in Christ.  I’m learning respect.  I love the Grandparents Club.
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